Brand philosophy
Smart fashion for those in love with the Earth. 5 ideas for those who ♥ the world and themselves.
Work on yourself.
Every day
A modern-day person is constantly engaged in self-development, explores new things and reflects on himself and the world around him. In order to gain strength before a new step in life, sometimes a break is required for regeneration. And for such moments you need special clothes that will tell others - I'm under reconstruction.
Backstage filming
Backstage filming
No sugar, please
The health of our planet begins with our health. And our health is rooted in proper nutrition and a conscious attitude towards our bodies. By consuming sugar and other unhealthy foods, we not only damage our body, but also deprive ourselves of a healthy future and active longevity. Tell the world that you have given up sugar for the benefit of your health and the happiness of the earth.
The world is global.
You are unique
Borders are being erased, the world is globalizing, and fashion is now available to the public. It is increasingly more difficult to preserve your uniqueness, distinctive style, stand out from the crowd and assert yourself. In order to emphasize your individuality, you need unique, inimitable one-of-a-kind clothing items.
Backstage filming
Backstage filming
Divide and conquer
In our world, this tactic that is used by the few to rule the majority takes on a new meaning. There are still very few people who are serious about sorting waste. But it’s the trend of the future, in which a responsible attitude to waste sorting will become mainstream. And our clothes will become a vivid reminder of the importance of this problem.
Rational consumption
Just like fast food slowly kills our body, fast fashion cripples our Earth, causing irreparable harm to the environment. The share of the textile industry in CO2 emissions is higher than that of aviation or the shipping industry, and clothing production has doubled over the past 15 years. Buying quality items will not only keep you in style, save time and money, but also protect the planet.
Backstage filming
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